[clug] Why the web has gone sour

Hugh Fisher hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au
Sun Feb 14 15:31:38 MST 2010

Lana Brindley wrote:
> What I find most interesting is that he seems to be coming from the idea
> that the internet exists in order to make people financially prosperous.
> When I think of the internet's purpose (for lack of a better word) though, I
> think of it primarily as a communications tool. And that it does quite
> admirably.
> Possibly, the fact that people don't seem to be able to make money very
> effectively using the internet is causing him to be a tad bitter? ;)

I didn't read it that way. The information wants to be free/file
sharing is a throw-away remark near the beginning. From the
article, he's much more concerned about people being under-rated
than about who is making money.


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