[clug] Modern palmtop

Brians brians at en.com.au
Sat Feb 13 20:37:18 MST 2010

I just recently bought an 10.1" netbook Asus 1001HA from office works 

I am using Ubuntu 9.10 and openoffice,  gedit etc.

After your post I checked the brick style charger but it is 19V
like most laptops.

It seems to run 6 -8 hrs probably more with wi-fi turned off.

However the 6 cell battery is 10.8V 4400mAh 48Wh.

So a spare battery could be charged in a vehicle or from a 12V source 
and swapped out
every other day.


Ben Nizette wrote:
> Hi all,
> My Dad's a PhD candidate and is heading for fieldwork in Vanuatu next month.  He's looking for a little something to type up notes of an evening but the only source of power is a big old set of rechargable AA batteries.  I know old HP Palmtop things could run for ~60 hours on a set of AAs and while the keyboards were pretty crap kinda did everything needed.
> Does anyone out there know of a similar piece of kit currently available which runs off AA batteries (not necessarily for 60 hours) and does at least the most basic of word processing?  Note the Gecko EduBook doesn't quite count as a) 4 hours from a set of batteries is a bit average and b) it won't ship till August.
> Option 2 is to get the most frugal netbook which can be found and build a big ole external AA battery pack, does anyone have any experience with this?
> Thanks list :-)
> 	--Ben.

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