[clug] Open Office Achieves 21% Market Share

Karun Dambiec karun at linux.com
Fri Feb 12 17:04:22 MST 2010

I saw this on slashdot the other day. Why is it the market share in
Australia does not reach similiar levels?
Also many organisations and universities, and government departments
here will only accept Word Documents.

"A novel study analyzes the installed base of various office packages
among German users. (Here is the original study report in German and a
Google translation.) While Microsoft Office comes out top (72%), open
source rival OpenOffice is already installed on 21.5% of all PCs and
growing. The authors use a clever method to determine the installed
office suites of millions of web users: they look for the availability
of characteristic fonts being shipped with the various suites. What
surprised me the most is that they found hardly any difference in the
numbers for home and business users."


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