[clug] Help sourcing Arduino kit

Angus Gratton indogus at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 15:23:33 MST 2010

Hi Rob,

Seeed Studios have "their versions" of some of the items on your list
at good prices. They're in Hong Kong, but shipping is cheap and
becomes free if you buy more than a certain amount of items. It's been
fairly quick for me as well.


> Arduino Starter Kit
> Ethernet Shield

They're clearing their previous "Seeduino" revision for $19US at the
moment.  The Seeduino is an Arduino clone with a few improvements. I
quite like mine, would choose it over a "real" Arduino just for the
3.3v option and the manually switched USB/external power source.

> Ethernet Shield

They have their own version of an ethernet shield for $26US, but I've
never used one.

> Arduino Power Supply

You might be able to get by without one of these. I use a noname USB
"iPod" power supply when I want to power my Arduino from mains away
from the computer.


- Angus

PS Quick plug for MakeHackVoid! Come along on Tuesdays and talk Arduinos!

I was talking to someone (don't remember who) about us maybe holding a
group Arduino workshop, because I know of quite a few Arduinos that
got bought and then sat in cupboards. I've used mine for quite a few
"throwaway" projects (the bar to building quick physical monitoring or
control systems is _so low_ now!), but nothing really permanent yet.

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