[clug] request for comment: new keysigning protocol

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Feb 7 13:46:13 MST 2010

Nemo Maelstrom Thorx wrote on 4/02/10 2:21 PM:
> Hi all, 
> I've been helping a friend with an idea for a keysigning protocol, and
> additional eyes looking at it would be nice now. It's written up here:
> http://woozle.org/~neale/papers/tank-tread.html
> So, comments/request-for-clarification/suggestions/ideas/willingness-to-try-it-out?
> .../Nemo

A physical protocol for keysigning events - seems like a very good idea
:-) good post.

How would you do this differently if done electronically - ie. mediated
by laptop, Smartphone or PDA (do they still exist?).

I would go cross-eyed reading a bazillion 'fingerprints' :-(

The event organisers can take photos, upload them (& keys/f'prints?) and
provide a wireless internet for key-signing in areas of the venue.

Registration desk is a good place to confirm identities with photo-id
and for individuals & the organisers to exchange keys.

Are people already doing this sort of thing at 'events'?
How would an electronically mediated mass signing event work?


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