[clug] where to add "dmesg -n1" (debian)

Jeremy Kerr jk at ozlabs.org
Sat Feb 6 20:28:19 MST 2010


> It's not obvious to me where in the boot process I should put it.
> What do others do?
> Other distros?

This would be best done with a sysctl setting. On boot, the values in 
/etc/sysctl.conf will be read into /proc/sys/.

The value you want to set is kernel.printk. It's a list of four numbers. From 
the kernel doc:


The four values in printk denote: console_loglevel,
default_message_loglevel, minimum_console_loglevel and
default_console_loglevel respectively.

These values influence printk() behavior when printing or
logging error messages. See 'man 2 syslog' for more info on
the different loglevels.

- console_loglevel: messages with a higher priority than
  this will be printed to the console
- default_message_level: messages without an explicit priority
  will be printed with this priority
- minimum_console_loglevel: minimum (highest) value to which
  console_loglevel can be set
- default_console_loglevel: default value for console_loglevel



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