[clug] Canberra electric vehicles group - first contact

Adam Baxter voltagex at voltagex.org
Mon Feb 1 12:38:18 MST 2010

Sounds like it's time for a CLUG-Maker-EV metagroup :P

On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 12:29 AM, Paul Wayper <paulway at mabula.net> wrote:

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> Hi all!
> Tonight I went along to a group at once new and very familiar.  They all
> were
> passionately keen about a new technology, and yet they'd all had to explain
> the benefits over and over again to disbelievers.  Most of them were
> working
> on their own projects but came together as a larger community.  While they
> all
> knew it was the inevitable way of the future, powerful commercial interests
> were working against them and governments and the general public seemed
> indifferent to their cause.
> This was, of course, electric vehicle hobbyists.
> For my part, I'm keen on constructing an electric motorbike.  I'm also
> interested in adding open source components and microprocessor controllers
> to
> various parts of the project, partly to keep the cost down (some of the
> proprietary parts are really expensive) and partly for the fun of
> tinkering.
> There were three really interesting things that readers of the CLUG list
> might
> be interested in.
> Firstly, there's a lot of interest in the local group in starting a EV
> racing
> standard and, within one to two years, getting actual races happening.
> Initial ideas revolved around a standard car chassis that is fully CAMS
> approved (which is necessary for official racing), but then someone
> mentioned
> go-karts as a lower-cost entry level category which also got a lot of nods.
> Secondly, the group is trying to collect information about building EVs
> into
> an online resorce.  I put in my oar and proposed using a wiki (which they
> sort
> of have already) and keeping it public (opposing the person who said it
> could
> be monetised in the future), both of which met with general agreement.
> Thirdly, there was a lot of interest in the hardware hacking theme that is
> all
> the rage with CLUGgers at the moment.  Everything from makerbots and
> repraps
> to arduinos and programmable fridges was met with interest and requests for
> more detail.  I'm trying to find their email list to make a general
> announcement and I'm hoping that I'll get a few people coming along to the
> next CLUG meeting.
> Have fun,
> Paul
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