[clug] Using GIT as a 'records system'

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Dec 22 14:47:34 MST 2010

haven't FGFI this yet, thought the group might give me some clues...
[because I've never used GIT or read the manuals in detail. have a hazy
overview only.]

Can GIT allow fine-grained access control to specific trees/sets of files?

It can obviously store files and add/delete/change 'pages',
but another essential element of 'Record Management Systems' is access

The ordinary worker can't be allowed to see the confidential CEO
correspondence... (Mergers, downsizing, ...)

Could this be handled by multiple tree-heads?
[In SVN they might be called 'tags']

Thanks In Advance.

steve j

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