[clug] Binary system images... (for recovery)

Daniel Rose drose at dtlm.homelinux.net
Thu Dec 16 17:39:30 MST 2010

On 17/12/10 08:26, steve jenkin wrote:
> For $Work, I want to make a system recovery image which isn't a 'dump'
> or 'dd' of a partition. (For various reasons, we created a single
> whole-disk partition).
Let's ignore part of what you said and see if Clonezilla fits anyway,
because I found it recently and I'm in love.

> My 'success criteria' are:
>  - a reasonable sized recovery image (10Gb?)
>     [Data backups done differently]
Okay, CZ can exclude subdirs and files you specify, and unlike dd
ignores unused space, so you can get just what you need.

>  - standalone restore. May not have network up at this time.
That depends on where you put the image of course, but CZ support
USB/eSATA well enough for me.

>  - perhaps using common recovery options of Linux CD's
>    [eg Ubuntu server has a recovery mode, but it's not Ubuntu]
Ah so you want to keep the backup open enough that a ubuntu live CD or
sysrescure or w/ever can restore it, is that what you mean? If the tool
you use is GPL, why is this a significant concern?
>  - Files, not filesytem, image.
>     Lets me partition disk and select filesystem type.
Ah, you want to restore the image into a different filesystem.  CZ Can't
do this, as far as I can tell but I'd love to be corrected.

It seems to me that tar/gzip will suit you perfectly though, is there a
reason to avoid it?

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