[clug] Binary system images... (for recovery)

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Dec 16 14:26:16 MST 2010

For $Work, I want to make a system recovery image which isn't a 'dump'
or 'dd' of a partition. (For various reasons, we created a single
whole-disk partition).

It's an rpm/yast system.

My 'success criteria' are:
 - a reasonable sized recovery image (10Gb?)
    [Data backups done differently]
 - standalone restore. May not have network up at this time.
 - perhaps using common recovery options of Linux CD's
   [eg Ubuntu server has a recovery mode, but it's not Ubuntu]
 - Files, not filesytem, image.
    Lets me partition disk and select filesystem type.

Any ideas? Any suggestions for tools?

BTW, I've heard of people making /usr read-only.
Is that right, possible, useful?

Any other directory trees this is good for?


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