[clug] Flash corrupts black pixels.

Daniel Rose drose at dtlm.homelinux.net
Tue Dec 7 00:25:46 MST 2010

  Hey all,

I'm not seeking support from anyone, more offering something 
interesting, in case anyone's interested.

I have a gentoo system that's sorta-kinda half updated at the moment.

In firefox, I watch a youtube clip.  After it ends, the TV window shows 
other stuff they want you to watch.

 From this point on, every black pixel in xorg shows that window behind 
it, leaking through.  Text has missing or coloured bits.  The best 
effect is when you open an all black window; I first noticed it on a 
command prompt in a windows remote desktop session.  You don't get the 
firefox window, just the flash area.

It's on all four workspaces.  Closing firefox makes no difference.

Of course, restarting X fixes it up, and I'm sure that when everything 
is recompiled this strangeness will disappear, but in the meantime it's 
just weird.  I wanted to test a screen capture, but import is one of the 
things with missing libraries.

Ah, gentoo, let me count the ways.....

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