[clug] Verifying SPAM or Google Recruiting

Anshul Gupta email.agupta at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 16:34:50 MDT 2010

On 28/04/2010, at 8:07 AM, steve jenkin wrote:

> If the GOOG are going to continue this clumsy recruiting method, they
> have to enter the real world:
> - their messages *will* get spoofed for phising and worse
> - without a way to verify the identity of the sender, anyone
>    they actually would *want* to recruit wouldn't see their
>    message or would bin it without reading...

Google recruiters themselves have a very high turnover rate :-).  Every year they have new recruiters who change jobs within a few months. 

> I'd have expected a lot better of them...

Google hasn't been living up to expectations in many areas for sometime now. 

Regards, Anshul

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