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> 1. What electricity outputs can be achieved in Canberra, given that the
> outputs are affected (to varying degrees) by the (internal?)
> temperature
> of the panels; and

My 1.5kW system from BBE has generated 545kWh since 22/1/2010 (90 days),
giving me 6kWh/day, or $3/day, or 4 effective hours of peak production per

It will be interesting to see how this behaves as the temperature cools, as
I have monocrystalline panels which derate significantly with higher

> 2. How good were the quality controls of the manufacturing processes?
> What, if anything, went wrong and when?

I had no problems with either product or installation, although Peter Barker
is having a lot of problems actually getting stock for his system from BBE.

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