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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Tue Apr 20 01:38:55 MDT 2010

NEMMCO ran the National Electricity Market until 2009.


Current pricing graphs [pick a state]

Source [http://www.nemweb.com.au/mms.GRAPHS/GRAPHS/GRAPH_30NSW1.gif]
looks not unlike RRD or MRTG images :-)

"RRP" - Regional Reference Price is $$/MW-hr.

The peak price of $65/MW-Hr is 6.5c/KW-Hr which is probably 30% of
Retail.  The overnight $22/MW-Hr is 2.2c/KW-Hr - around 10% :-)

Michael Still wrote on 20/04/10 4:05 PM:
> Alex Satrapa wrote:
>> … you'll start to realise that your solar panels on the roof might
>> not be generating the power that *you* need, but dammit, every
>> kilowatt hour of solar power they produce is being used by someone
>> instead of another kilowatt hour of coal fired electricity.
> It is my understanding that you can't just turn coal power plants up and
> down... I believe they normally run at the maximum output required in
> the daily cycle, and various companies buy the unneeded power at a
> cheaper rate.
> (In other words, I've heard of power contracts which _require_ a certain
> power draw in order to soak up that excess generation.)
> Mikal

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