[clug] OT: Solar power recommendations and advice

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Tue Apr 20 00:02:29 MDT 2010

Paul Wayper wrote:
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> On 18/04/10 19:09, Paul wrote:
>> sorry not Linux related but I have heard some people have some knowledge
>> on Solar Power (PV) , so looking to jump into this and would like some
>> advice and recommendations for installers etc..
>> PS I really would like to monitor it on my Linux box , but first up how
>> do I go about choosing who to start getting quotes from in Canberra
> Kate and I went with Armada Solar (http://armadasolar.com).  We got three
> quotes, whittled it down to two, and Armada matched the cheaper quote.  We
> decided on Armada because they were local, they were the first people to ask
> the all-important question "will the number of solar panels you want actually
> fit on your roof?" and they stocked the high-power panels we wanted.

I am having a 2.2kW system fitted in 8 days. I asked Armada for a quote, 
but they were prohibitively expensive compared with solargain.com.au.

At the time I built this spreadsheet to help with the comparison:


Note that orange rows are companies with online prices that don't 
operate in the ACT, and are just there for comparison.

I guess I'll have more of an opinion in 8 days.


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