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Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sun Apr 11 18:31:59 MDT 2010

"Owen" <rcook at pcug.org.au> writes:

>> Note to self/all: be sure of which partition you're dd'ing to, before you
>> do it. Also be aware partition names can change between different installs
>> of Debian.

...er, they generally don't.  Much as I love a good "blame the tools" story,
either you changed the partition "names", or you used an automatic tool to
create them that isn't producing the same output every time.

Actually, I misspeak: if you run Debian/unstable, and you are installing from
something that is less than three weeks old, you might see this: they just
went through the PATA to libata transition, so disks changed from /dev/hd? to

So, if you are running the "don't do this" version it could actually happen.

Anyway, what actually changed name, and to what, to cause this?

> Also don't do an rm -rf as root from root. Six months work down the drain!

In the same vein, with a happy ending:

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