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Felix Karpfen felix at spodzone.org.uk
Wed Oct 21 15:01:39 MDT 2009

Peter Barker wrote:
> Cheaper $-wise, assuming you're not valuing your time at anything (which 
> may be reasonable).
> iinet is $20 for the dialup you describe, $30 for ADSL 2+.

Hard data from a CLUG-lurker - who received *great* help from CLUG 
members in his recent switch from "dial-up" to "broadband":


Supplied by IINet (Special deal for ex-WebOne customers):

Monthly dialup fee  		$9.90 for first 20 hours access;
				$1.00/hour for additional access;

Telstra phone charges		$0.21/per call

Given that I was highly organised, did most of my "Internet reading" 
offline, rarely exceeded the 20 hours access and generally managed to 
connect to IINet on the first dial-up call, my total monthly costs 
rarely exceeded $18.00.


ADSL2+ supplied by TPG

Monthly fee			$29.90

Additional phone charges	$0

My download quota is 3 Gbytes peak time plus 7Gbytes offpeak.  After 
exceeding my quota (which has yet to happen) the download speed is 


Many of the URLs, that I visit, make lavish use of features that come 
into their own when they are downloaded at broadband speeds.  Some - 
features (such as UTube and RealPlayer downloads) were previously 
inaccessible and have now become viable.

Felix Karpfen

Felix Karpfen
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