[clug] Centos: Creating a DVD from multiple CD ISO images

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Oct 18 22:33:47 MDT 2009

This will likely be Old News to the Centos bufs out there.
My Apologies in Advance.


Today I wanted to download the DVD iso and it wasn't available on my
local mirror - only the 6*CD iso images.
The Mirror has a 'torrent' image, but I'm not keen on using bitorrent at

In the Centos 'build' directory, there's a basic script to combine CD
iso's into single DVD...
Make sure you read the instructions.
It took me two goes to get a result :-(


You need 2*DVD size spare (8Gb currently):
 - it explodes each ISO into the file system
    (in your homedir, by default ~/mkrhdvd)
 - then creates an ISO image from that.

The script doesn't check for 'No space' nor ISO too large size...
Nor does it create an md5sum for you.
 (Can't use the MD5 for the normal download ISO.).
Runs as 'root' to allow "mount -o loop ..." onto /tmp/loop.

You can set LOOP and DVD variables to use other directories.
WARNING: those directories are created and destroyed by the script by:

rm -rf $LOOP $DVD

mkdir -p $LOOP
mkdir -p $DVD

Invoke as:

mkdvdiso.sh source_dir /destination/DVD.iso

=> The script does a "cd $DVD" then
   'mkisofs ... -o $2 ..."

So when I ran it as:

 mkdvdiso.sh ~/iso/Centos/5.3_iso ./DVD.iso

=> the iso was created in the temp $DVD dir and deleted :-(

Working cmd:
 mkdvdiso.sh ~/iso/Centos/5.3_iso $PWD/DVD.iso

Dependencies & local edits:

The script needs 'implantisomd' - probably there on Centos/RHEL/FC
systems. (The complement is checkisomd5 )

On Debian/ubunut:
 sudo apt-get install isomd5sum

PLUS: edit the mkdvdiso.sh and correct the hard-coded path at the end.

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