[clug] Encrypted FS with Ubuntu 9.04

Ian McLeod ianmcleod75 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 17:58:40 MDT 2009

Ignore this - I worked it out, was pretty simple.

You create an encrypted partition, and then create an LVM in there, and 
then set aside partitions (VMs) in the LVM, then they appear in the 
partition manager.

Ian McLeod wrote:
> I have an alternate install CD here and am getting stuck on manual 
> partition to set up a dual boot encrypted filesystem.
> I already have Windows installed so I can't use the 'use entire disk 
> to create encrypted LVM option - I need to use partition space set 
> aside.  However, once a unencrypted /boot and encrypted partition is 
> created, I can't work out how to create encrypted partitions 
> (logical?) within the encrypted LVM?  Or do I need to create an 
> encrypted partition for each partition of /swap and /root?
> From reading some guides, they hinted that 'virtual' partitions are 
> created within an encrypted LVM, so I presume only one password is 
> needed at boot.
> I can't find any instructions that detail this manual step at all (any 
> links appreciated) - they only deal with the automated option for a 
> full disk install.
> Hopefully the new version of Ubuntu will be easier.

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