[clug] November Canberra Linux Users Group meeting

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Mon Nov 23 16:18:56 MST 2009

Passing along a comment a friend made:

I'd be interested to see what he's done...  If somebody goes along,
convince him to put some info up somewhere about it.

There's plenty of ppl who datalog their roast temps vs time so that they
can repeat a roast exactly (or almost exactly).  I imagine he's PIDing
the roast profile to get it to where he wants.

Even the pricey home roasters (Hottop for instance, ~$1700
http://www.dibartoli.com.au/product_details.asp?pid=340) are still
pretty clunky in their temp control.  Having something that is more
infinitely configurable would be a good thing (and rather sellable, I
would have thought).


chris at christophersmart.com wrote:
> Abstract:	
> 		Tridge will be demonstrating his Linux powered coffee
> 		roaster.  
> 		Tridge's description is simple yet profound: "It has a
> 		bit of python, a bit of USB hackery, some circuit
> 		building, a bit of control theory and of course coffee.
> 		Should appeal to most geeks :-)" Please bring your own
> 		coffee cup to sample the end product, as there will be
> 		regular and decaf coffee available. 

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