[clug] problems with Ubuntu 9.10 on eeePC

Scott Ferguson prettyfly.productions at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 15:40:55 MST 2009

I don't run Ubuntu (but it is mostly Debian based)... 
Iceweasel/firefox keeps it's associations in (as noted by David 
Cottrill) in ~/.mozilla/firefox/randomfilename.default/pluginreg.dat
The file says "Generated File. Do not edit." - however I have edited it 
without problems. Syntax is pretty basic, note that there is no line 
breaks between plugins.
Firefox does not use the magic number to determine filetype... I have 
had a similar problem with image files that had previously been 
displayed with Firefox.I suspect your problem comes from your wm 
association - click on a file that Firefox has an association for an it 
(sic) will open it... click on a filetype that the wm associates with 
Firefox and Firefox should (attempt to) open it. If you try and open the 
.dat file in your file manager does Firefox open? If it does, but 
doesn't display it, then the problem is in Firefox - but as Firefox 
doesn't need/use another application to display HTML from a mail .dat 
file then if it doesn't display it - it may be because Firefox has the 
file/MIMEtype associated with another application OR Firefox needs 
quirks mode enabled (and it is disabled)

Re: the problem with your mouse - what options do you have in xorg.conf 
in the Input Identifier for your mouse (Mouse0?).

I'm "assuming" you've posted any relevant dmesg/syslog lines... :-)

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