[clug] problems with Ubuntu 9.10 on eeePC

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Sun Nov 15 23:07:02 MST 2009

Hi John

You can probably discount a problem with your eeepc at this stage. I 
have Karmic running on an Asus eeebox without problem, but that was a 
clean install rather than an upgrade. I note however, I did do an 
upgrade on an old P4 that I have in the shed and the upgrade process 
produced fairly slow boot times in comparison to the other 3 computers 
that I did clean installs on.

Maybe the best strategy would be to backup your home directory and do a 
clean install of 9.10 as, to date I have had no issues with Karmic on a 
variety of machines and overall boot times a pretty good at around 50 
secs start to finish.

Sorry, can't help with Firefox and .dat files.


Ian Bardsley

jhock wrote:
> Hi All,
> I just upgraded from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 and now I am having problems. I
> don't know if they are problems with Firefox, Ubuntu 9.10 or my eeePC.
> I'm hoping other have tried the upgrade and have solved the same
> problems.  
> The problems are:
> - Firefox won't view a .dat file. I have .data files which contain HTML
> but firefox won't present them. I get emails in evolution that have .dat
> content. In the past firefox will present the HTML in these files when I
> double click on them. But now firefox keeps asking me what program I
> want to use to view the .dat files. Is firefox now relying on extensions
> rather than the header for files? I thought only M$ programs were that
> stupid.
> - I use to be able to scroll up and down using two fingers on the mouse
> pad. That doesn't work any more. It now seems that scrolling *sometimes*
> works by moving my finger up and down close to the edge of the mouse pad
> but that only sometimes works.
> - Ubuntu 9.10 now takes minutes to load rather than seconds. I haven't
> timed the difference but it is very noticible.  Ubuntu 9.10 shows some
> unimpressive background and something like the edge of CD moving. It is
> so frustrating to boot up time wasted with this crud.
> If no one has experienced these problems and resolved them, can any one
> tell me how to get back to Ubuntu 9.04?
> Thanks.
> John

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