[clug] problems with Ubuntu 9.10 on eeePC

jhock jhock at iinet.net.au
Sun Nov 15 21:17:03 MST 2009

Hi All,

I just upgraded from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 and now I am having problems. I
don't know if they are problems with Firefox, Ubuntu 9.10 or my eeePC.
I'm hoping other have tried the upgrade and have solved the same

The problems are:

- Firefox won't view a .dat file. I have .data files which contain HTML
but firefox won't present them. I get emails in evolution that have .dat
content. In the past firefox will present the HTML in these files when I
double click on them. But now firefox keeps asking me what program I
want to use to view the .dat files. Is firefox now relying on extensions
rather than the header for files? I thought only M$ programs were that

- I use to be able to scroll up and down using two fingers on the mouse
pad. That doesn't work any more. It now seems that scrolling *sometimes*
works by moving my finger up and down close to the edge of the mouse pad
but that only sometimes works.

- Ubuntu 9.10 now takes minutes to load rather than seconds. I haven't
timed the difference but it is very noticible.  Ubuntu 9.10 shows some
unimpressive background and something like the edge of CD moving. It is
so frustrating to boot up time wasted with this crud.

If no one has experienced these problems and resolved them, can any one
tell me how to get back to Ubuntu 9.04?



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