[clug] Has anyone upgraded to MythTV 0.22 yet?

Matt Smith clug at mattsmith.cc
Sun Nov 15 18:04:07 MST 2009

Hi Paul,

Yup - I'm running MythDora 10.21 (now 10.22 I suppose).
The other night I was bored, saw that there was several hundred updates
available via the built-in Fedora update system, so decided to apply them
(knowing the Myth updates were included, 0.22-rc1 I think).
After a bit of mucking around (I run a split front-end/back-end system, and
the DB needed a schema upgrade), all is working well.

I am also getting used to the new "default" theme, however I don't mind it,
and find it's a bit snappier navigating than the previous setup (which could
also have something to do with the database optimise I ran after the upgrade

All-in-all, a surprisingly smooth upgrade experience.


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Now that the new version as been released as anyone upgraded yet...
I'm just about to upgrade my box and just wanted to see if the water is 
safe ?

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