[clug] Measuring Bandwidth usage by Application Protocol

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Wed Nov 4 15:07:56 MST 2009

Steve McInerney wrote:
> have you come across argus?
> http://www.qosient.com/argus/
No, I haven't. I've started reading about it now though.

> Is used in quite a few places around town.
> I've used it to get summary info and then pull that into R for detailed
> statistical analysis. 

This is what I'm trying to do. Get raw numbers to drag into R where I 
can manipulate/play with them. So far I'm only been able to do this with 
numbers exported from cacti and was hoping for something a little more 
detailed so as to investigate individual users, protocol, autonomous 
systems, etc. Can you comment further on how your using R or can you 
point to any useful information on networks traffic and analysis with R.
> Digging into the stuff in the data portion of the packet tho... that
> gets harder (read $$$, in time if not actual $$$).
Yeap. Definitately.


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