[clug] Measuring Bandwidth usage by Application Protocol

Steve McInerney steve at stedee.id.au
Tue Nov 3 23:24:31 MST 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-02 at 15:53 +1100, jm wrote:
> It's a little quiet on the list today. May be everyone's taking an 
> extended "Community Day" or something. Anyway, I'm looking at generating 
> some network usage statistics on an open network with a large number of 
> users. The data I'm looking to collect is
>   Source IP
>   Source Port
>   Destination IP
>   Destination Port
>   Application Protocol
>   Packets
>   Octets
>   Duration
> of each session or flow on a 15 minute basis. NetFlow is close to giving 
> me with this, but lacks the application level protocol information that 
> I'm after. Any thought, or suggestions on how to collect this data?

have you come across argus?


Is used in quite a few places around town.

I've used it to get summary info and then pull that into R for detailed
statistical analysis. 

Digging into the stuff in the data portion of the packet tho... that
gets harder (read $$$, in time if not actual $$$).

- Steve

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