[clug] KDE4 cnsoring "e" for some apps

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Fri May 29 08:44:37 GMT 2009

David Schoen wrote:
> There is a solution and it's not dumping linux.
> I've had similar upgrade woes with windows and os x. That just resulted in
> me always doing clean installs and not porting any config across via any of
> the "auto-magical" methods (the same thing would have prevented your problem
> in linux to).
> Back on topic... don't upgrade!
> Seriously, if everything is working and you don't have _security_ patches,
> don't upgrade! Often you don't even need to apply security patches but make
> sure you always know _exactly_ what they are fixing before you decide it's
> not relevant to you (e.g. I don't usually bother with apache/php/postgresql
> security patches on my dev box because only I ever connect to it).
> I'm usually up to date, but I don't upgrade my good box first. I have a
> laptop that is just for toying with, it has ubuntu, windows and often others
> (open solaris at the moment) and if I'm upgrading something big (a version
> of gnome/kde) I don't do it on anything until it's been done on the laptop.
> If that's not an option just leave it a few weeks and watch the relevant
> forum/mailing list to see if others have problems.
> - Dave

Alternatively: do upgrade. Be an early adopter. Stress-test the new
releases. Find the bugs, report them and, if possible, fix them!
Contribute to the movement. Don't wait around for someone else to
scratch your itches for you. Be adventurous. What's the worst that
can happen? Missing 'e's? What's the fuss? Use ssh to install a
virtual keyboard...


Bob Edwards.

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