[clug] KDE4 cnsoring "e" for some apps

David Schoen neerolyte at gmail.com
Thu May 28 07:45:19 GMT 2009

No idea where to look exactly but perhaps this is helpful...

While trying to set some shortcut keys yesterday I discovered that Gnome
doesn't recognise the "Super" (Windows) key as a modifier key. After
following some suggestions about how to do it in gconf (which didn't work
either) I ended up with some pretty cool shortcuts like "V" for "Next Track"

The end result was me typing away in a terminal and some letters just not
appearing, after a while though I noticed my headphones were making noise...
maybe you've done something similar somewhere along the line?

In short, try turning off all shortcut keys.

- Dave

2009/5/28 Michael James <michael at james.st>

> Sinc SuSE thrust m out onto th killing floor of KDE4
>  my fforts to hav a usabl linux dsktop
>  hav takn m out into th world of factory.
> And whil any sasond Dbian hackr
>  would scorn to run anything mor stabl than "Ludicrous"
>  SuSE build srvic has som quirks.
> Can anyon provid m with a clu why, sinc th last updat,
>  th konsol trminal app cnsors th lttr (cut-past) "e"?
> As in, I can typ anything I lik but th (cut-past) "e" ky is ignord?
> It's not a duff kyboard, I can typ URLs including "" (that lttr) in firfox.
> (I'v trid anothr USB kyboard too, sam problm)
> Kmail is infctd, as ar all th Kontact apps.
> And it's only  "",  "E" is fin as ar all th othr lttrs I trid.
> This is inconvnint, whr do I start to look?
> PS: Th problm xists with ISO 8859-1 ncoding as wll as UTF8.
> PPS: R-rding this I hav a hard tim kping a straight fac
>                but it is a ral problm, plas hlp.
> --
> Well theme my emoticons disgusted.
> What has Linux come to?
> Michael James
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