[clug] KDE4 cnsoring "e" for some apps

ben.ellis at familycourt.gov.au ben.ellis at familycourt.gov.au
Thu May 28 07:49:22 GMT 2009

I've seen it before and it was due to something binding to the "e" key.
>From your email <shift>+e works and you'll probably find <caps lock>
<shift>+e will give you the "e" character.

I don't recall what the app was, but rpm -qa --last should show you what
was recently installed so you can check their bindings.

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Sinc SuSE thrust m out onto th killing floor of KDE4
  my fforts to hav a usabl linux dsktop
  hav takn m out into th world of factory.

And whil any sasond Dbian hackr
  would scorn to run anything mor stabl than "Ludicrous"
  SuSE build srvic has som quirks.

Can anyon provid m with a clu why, sinc th last updat,
  th konsol trminal app cnsors th lttr (cut-past) "e"?
As in, I can typ anything I lik but th (cut-past) "e" ky is ignord?

It's not a duff kyboard, I can typ URLs including "" (that lttr) in
(I'v trid anothr USB kyboard too, sam problm)
Kmail is infctd, as ar all th Kontact apps.

And it's only  "",  "E" is fin as ar all th othr lttrs I trid.

This is inconvnint, whr do I start to look?

PS: Th problm xists with ISO 8859-1 ncoding as wll as UTF8.

PPS: R-rding this I hav a hard tim kping a straight fac
                         but it is a ral problm, plas hlp.

Well theme my emoticons disgusted.
What has Linux come to?
Michael James

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