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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun May 24 06:52:05 GMT 2009

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Dave Upton wrote:
| Hello everyone,
| I would just like to say that the site in Paul's email is just what the
doctor ordered.  I was going to write and ask lots of questions about the
installfest but most were answered on the site.
| I was and still am planning on coming along to the fest and the feast of
bbqd delights I am sure will be on offer.  I still have a couple of questions.
| Basically I have a system that was Windows and still has a broken version of
XP on on partition and a working version of Linux on another.  My hope is to
come along get my system all turned over to Linux and specifically Ubuntu that
started me using Linux.
| Questions:
| Bringing peripherals - does this include speakers? I know they are
peripherals but do they just work if your sound card does. I know microphones
| External USB HD - any point in bringing this to back up to prior to
re-jigging my system or do you have that sort of thing?
| Are the people or the person who will perform this magic able to explain in
relatively simple terms what they are doing or do they tend to be extremely
busy?  I am very interested in watching and learning as it is done.

Hi Dave,

Those are great questions - I've updated the page with the answers:

$ diff installfest/index.html-old installfest/index.html
< whatever problems you've got.</p>
- ---
| whatever problems you've got.  We step you through the process so you
| understand what we're doing and why, and learn more about your computer
| as a result.</p>
< power points.</p>
- ---
| power points.  There a few things - notably speakers and USB flash disks -
| that we can pretty much be sure will work because they're pretty
| standardised, but if you have any doubt bring it along and we'll check.
| You might want to label your stuff beforehand - while computers are often
| fairly recognisable, things like power cords and leads can be both hard
| to distinguish and annoying once lost.</p>

The short answers are: you're probably right but there are USB speakers around
and some people don't recognise the difference so its easier to just say
"bring it all along", if you want to get stuff off it during the day bring it
along but doing a backup beforehand is a Good Thing, and we do try to explain
what we're doing as much as possible (and usually try to guide people through
the process rather than just taking over).

That's as short as I get usually :-)

Look forward to seeing you there,

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