[clug] Has anyone got a recent nVidia card working multi-resolution?

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Thu May 21 23:01:29 GMT 2009

> Thanks for that. Yes I know it's the FOSS driver and I'm attempting to build the
> driver from the NVidia web site - do you know if it'll work better?

Well you certainly will get the higher resolutions that you want. The
nv driver is somewhat limited in this regard.

> I say attempting because it very cleverly detected that I'd upgraded to gcc-4.2
> from gcc-3.3 after building the kernel which I thought was pretty impressive. I
> trimmed too much with make xconfig and my latest attempt doesn't boot - but I'll
> get there.

Hrm, so what is the error when you try to build the nvidia module from
the nvidia website?  I am guessing that you have already installed the
kernel headers from the kernel version that you are running?

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