[clug] Beginners' CLUG & Install Fest

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue May 19 13:11:54 GMT 2009

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Lana Brindley wrote:
| I'm just trying to confirm dates and locations:
| Beginner CLUG on the 28th at the ANU.
| Install Fest on the 30th at ?????
| Also, what help is still needed to organise these?

Yep, those are the dates.  The Install Fest is at ANU, same place as the
normal meeting.  You can give people the URL http://qzz.zwit.org/ for a map of
the site.

What I would like is for people to publicise the Install Fest on the 30th.
I'm trying to start a bit of a poster stickup, which means both coming up with
designs and posting them to the list, and printing out a few and posting them
up yourself.  If you need a place to stick posters and related things, use
WebDAV to access http://clug.tangram.dnsalias.net/ with username 'clug' and
password 'Chunae2i'.  (If you want a separate username to access that, then
send me the output of htpasswd -s -n $USER).  That might save the email list
getting bogged down in attachments.  Let the complete absence of password
security be your warning.

I'd also like to start organising what we'll need.  We had a switch last time,
which was handy, and I have a wifi access point.  I think Bob had a big box of
network cables; do you have that box of power boards and extension cables
still, Bob?  If anyone can think of anything else to bring, then please
mention it in reply :-)

Thanks in advance,

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