[clug] vino process name

David Schoen neerolyte at gmail.com
Mon May 18 09:49:02 GMT 2009

I've never used vino previously but thought I'd have a look.

Immediately after selecting "Allow other users to view your desktop" a
process called vino-server (for me on Ubuntu 9.04 /usr/lib/vino/vino-server)
is launched as my user and everything else just worked.

Not wanting to be rude... you have actually ticked the box to allow access
to your machine right?

I only have the same two commands as you in my path.

Assuming you have ticked the box, I'd try executing
/usr/lib/vino/vino-server directly.

- Dave.

2009/5/18 Hal Ashburner <hal.ashburner at gmail.com>

> Vino, I believe is the thing that allows you to share a gnome desktop over
> the network. I can't seem to connect to the one on my laptop at all, which
> is a pain. Trying to debug it, I don't even know what the process is called.
> I believe vino uses libvncserver to create it's own vnc server rather than
> using vncserver or similar (could be wrong though, no reason that doc
> couldn't be totally out of date.) But what is the process actually called?
> It clearly isn't vino-passwd or vino-preferences which are the only
> executable I seem to have that are called anything like vino.  How is it
> started? Does it have to be in "system->preferences->personal->sessions"
> somewhere?
> My first point of call is "is the daemon actually running?" and I can't
> answer it. vino-settings doesn't tell me if things are working or not of
> course. I've tried connecting from the local machine with the firewall
> totally disabled to no avail.
> The documentation is only telling me about their grand designs to do
> everything for everyone and what the ok button does which isn't helping all
> that much.
> Anyone know answers or know what you do to find out?
> Cheers,
> Hal
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