[clug] vino process name

Hal Ashburner hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Mon May 18 08:49:20 GMT 2009

Vino, I believe is the thing that allows you to share a gnome desktop 
over the network. I can't seem to connect to the one on my laptop at 
all, which is a pain. Trying to debug it, I don't even know what the 
process is called.
I believe vino uses libvncserver to create it's own vnc server rather 
than using vncserver or similar (could be wrong though, no reason that 
doc couldn't be totally out of date.) But what is the process actually 
called? It clearly isn't vino-passwd or vino-preferences which are the 
only executable I seem to have that are called anything like vino.  How 
is it started? Does it have to be in 
"system->preferences->personal->sessions" somewhere?
My first point of call is "is the daemon actually running?" and I can't 
answer it. vino-settings doesn't tell me if things are working or not of 
course. I've tried connecting from the local machine with the firewall 
totally disabled to no avail.
The documentation is only telling me about their grand designs to do 
everything for everyone and what the ok button does which isn't helping 
all that much.
Anyone know answers or know what you do to find out?

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