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> So my "suck-cd.sh" script has ended up as such. Run it on an old
> machine, feed it CD's whenever it get's hungry and sticks its CD tray
> out and begs for more.  dcmsort is a home-grown perl script to extract
> DICOM (medical imaging) data and in doing so sort out a bunch of QC
> issues with missing slices/data/acquisitions.. I am sure there are
> bugs in there but it works for now and I have a nice directory of 500
> or so txt files and growing. Only another 2500 or so CD's to go. ;)

I've got a CD duplicator that I've hacked up, and now has a DVD burner and
robotics controlled via an Arduino. You can borrow it for this job if you
like - its just taking up space at the moment.

Peter Barker has written some scripts for ripping audio CDs for it that you
could use as a starting point, otherwise, the control is simple (single
character commands via a USB serial port).

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