[clug] Re: Green Video Output

Hal Ashburner hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 07:37:42 GMT 2009

2009/3/29 Hal Ashburner <hal.ashburner at gmail.com>

> Hey people,
> All my multimedia video output is green. Any movie played with any of xine,
> totem, mplayer, vlc, ffplay, or cheese hooked up to a logitech webcam.
> Other than video the colours are all just fine, web pages, photographs,
> open gl xscreensaver hacks only video has this colour issue.
> I didn't notice anything trigger this in terms of upgrades or re-installs.
> I'm using Nvidia binary drivers (Yeah boo! but I didn't know how else to
> power four screens) and I've tried re-installing (and downgrading) the
> drivers to no effect.
> It's the sort of thing where you think somehow the colour control has been
> bumped, I can badly compensate with the Hue control on VLC. It make sense to
> me they're using some different layer of X than the rest of my programs,
> (xvideo?) but I can't find any colour controls for that either, xvidtune
> clearly isn't what I want. I don't think xvid4conf is the thing either.
> I've run out of ideas. The distro is Gentoo.
> Any clues would be appreciated.

For the logs in case this shows up when someone has the same problem.
It's xv, whatever that is that was the problem. Confirm by doing:
$ mplayer -vo gl avifile.avi
which worked fine for me.
Install xvattr.
fire up gxvattr which gives you some kind of gui controls. The UI on gxvattr
looks utterly ridiculous but if you set the 5 or 6 XV_HUE settings to zero,
rather than 180 suddenly it all goes back to normal.
I vaguely remember firing up some old .rm video with realplayer last night
and maybe this bumped the xv settings. Not sure.

some more search words for search engine indexes you can ignore:
green looks purple, red appears green, hue, totem, mplayer, vlc, ffplay,
realplayer, xine, multimedia.
colours otherwise normal

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