[clug] Xine/totem/me-tv and L_Alt keypress events..

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 15:51:39 GMT 2009

Hi all,

There are a few messages about this out there:


This will really only affect dual or enormous screen users like myself
who tend to have a movie/DVD/DVB-T thing going in one window and
attempt to do work in the other.  Apparently xine/totem does this
(generates a L_Alt keypress event) in order to stop the screensaver
initiating. This seems like a bit of a hack to me as it causes all
sorts of pain when the alt key gets pressed every 30 seconds or so in
whatever else you are trying to work in.

In my case it happens with me-tv.  So either I stub out the offending
bit in libxine(?) and re-compile or does anyone know of a better way
to approach this?

(SITREP: 32bit Ubuntu intrepid, me-tv 0.7.14, xine v0.99.6cvs, T42
thinkpad, external 27" monitor on DVI, USB keyboard + mouse)


Andrew Janke
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