[clug] TPG VoIP?

David Schoen neerolyte at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 04:57:01 GMT 2009

The number in question is a 6241 prefix and I always dial the full 10
digit number (e.g. 026241****).

The job I've had logged about this has been logged (and escalated) for
a month now, but only because they lost the first two jobs I had
logged (the first one stretching way back to when I started my account
with TPG around 10 months ago).


2009/3/25 Francis James Whittle <fudje at grapevine.net.au>:
> It shouldn't be 61 numbers specifically.
> 99% of the help desk staff only know as much about the system as their
> script tells them.  The other 1% are very good at what they do, and most
> of what they do is attempt to convince people not to cancel their
> subscription.
> I would recommend always using ten digit numbers for local and
> interstate calls anyway.  Actually I'd recommend avoiding the system.
> It's not very good at all, or at least wasn't last time I had any
> exposure to it.

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