[clug] which distro?

Hal Ashburner hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 14:03:19 GMT 2009

Tong Cuong wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to setup a linux box for my web application test environment. I am
> just wondering what distro i should be using. Last time i setup linux was
> redhat 6.0. I must confest I am a full time Window user ... (please do not
> throw rotten egg and tomatoes at me) and partime linux user. Now there seems
> to be a alot new distro available that suit different purpose. I would use
> my as development machine plus web server. Any pointer would be greatly
> appreciated :)
Hi Tong,
Literally any distro will suit your needs nicely. Linux distros have
come a way since the good old days of RH6  :D
If you want a name to search for to download, randomise(Fedora, Debian,
Suse, Ubuntu, Gentoo) any of them. All popular, well supported and will
have all the toys you could want for web development. I'd
 go with a popular one myself but others would disagree with me. The
point is it doesn't matter, we can't even be bothered having flame wars
over distros any more.
"Your distro is awesome, it's linux. W00t!"
*Gentoo is slightly different in that you compile everything from source
like BSD ports. Possibly not what you want for your web dev box, but
maybe you do like that for all I know?

Do have a think about running linux virtualised on your windows machine,
or indeed just running cygwin http://www.cygwin.org on windows if you
have a bunch of stuff you'd rather keep using on your windows box at the
same time.
Evangelising is something most of us have got over too, the users come
whether we do it or not. You'll be using linux before too long either
way. ;)
All the best with it.


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