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Arjen Lentz arjen at lentz.com.au
Wed Mar 11 22:22:10 GMT 2009

Hi Randall

On 12/03/2009, at 8:04 AM, Randall Crook wrote:
> Just wondering if any has had any bad experiences using the  
> following Banks online banking with firefox on linux.
> Westpac
> St. George
> Tired of being over fee'd by the credit union and want to switch  
> Banks. And as such want to make sure that which ever I go to, I wont  
> have trouble using their on-line banking with out any ms windows in  
> my house.

Few years back now, but St.George's Java app had a Windows dependency  
in some function or path they were using; it wouldn't pass a java  
compliance test... so I put the suggestion to them that they simply  
needed to make sure their app passes the standard compliance tests as  
well as whatever testing they had of their own... and then all would  
be well cross-platform.
Dunno if they did, I moved banks shortly after for other reasons.

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