[clug] Ubuntu fstab problem

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 03:12:31 GMT 2009

Hi Ian,

> I have recently expanded my Mythtv setup to include a couple of remote
> frontends.  Everything that should work is working with the exception of the
> mounting of NFS shares on the remote FEs at boot time.  The entries in FSTAB
> have been proven correct as issuing the command "sudo mount -a" in the
> teminal mounts the shares with no problem.  However, the shares do not mount
> at boot time.  I am of the opinion now that this is caused by a boot
> sequencing problem but have not been able to find any explanation of how
> this can be checked or how the sequencing can be changed.
> Have any of you kind people out there in Linux land encountered a similar
> problem and can you offer some guidance to a solution.

My approach here has always been to use AutoFS, it is much more
resilient to clients/servers going down due to its nature and you can
have mounts in both directions without the usual boot dependence
problems.  And you can have an AutoFS map that is a perl script for

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