[clug] Ubuntu fstab problem

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Tue Mar 10 03:09:18 GMT 2009

G'day list members

I have been searching around for a plausible answer to this for a few 
days to no avail.  The time has now come to consult the collective 
wisdom of this auspicious list

I have recently expanded my Mythtv setup to include a couple of remote 
frontends.  Everything that should work is working with the exception of 
the mounting of NFS shares on the remote FEs at boot time.  The entries 
in FSTAB have been proven correct as issuing the command "sudo mount -a" 
in the teminal mounts the shares with no problem.  However, the shares 
do not mount at boot time.  I am of the opinion now that this is caused 
by a boot sequencing problem but have not been able to find any 
explanation of how this can be checked or how the sequencing can be changed.

Have any of you kind people out there in Linux land encountered a 
similar problem and can you offer some guidance to a solution.

My thanks in advance


Ian Bardsley

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