[clug] An old debate: Forensics study of cleaning old diskdrives sold on e-bay [SEC=PERSONAL]

Karun Dambiec kdambiec at ieee.org
Thu Mar 5 23:44:28 GMT 2009

On Thu, Mar 05, 2009 at 09:39:50PM +1100, Michael Carden wrote:
> > Just drill right through the drive, platters and all. Recovery costs
> > are then at least 6 figures, more if the platters were glass instead of
> > aluminium.
> The tricky part is when drives fail under warranty. Most suppliers
> baulk at "No, you can't have my drive" when you ask for a replacement.

Some manafacturers such as dell have a warranty option called "Keep your 
Hard Drive". Not all notebooks seem to have the option when you 
configure it on their website, however you can give them a call and they 
will generally add it as part of your order.

Their cost seems to be around $27.50 or so.

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