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Neill Cox neill.cox at ingenious.com.au
Sun Mar 1 23:07:00 GMT 2009

I own a copy of Writing Solid Code - it is indeed fairly C specific.  It's
been a few years since I read it but I definitely benefited from the

I'd recommend Code Complete by Steve McConnell.  It's another Microsoft
Press book, but despite it's provenance it's probably the best book on
writing code that I have ever read. It's not language specific.  Good enough
that I own both the first and second editions. Highly recommended.


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> Hi Steve, All,
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>> I was wondering what others viewed as Essential Software Practices.
>> [Any books/websites on the subject?]
>        I was told by a very good programmer that Steve Maguire's book
> "Writing Solid Code" was good (ISBN-13: 978-1556155512). However, it's
> C-language specific and fanboys may want to note its subtitle is
> "Microsoft's Techniques for Developing Bug-Free C Programs" and is published
> by Microsoft press.
>        I've never found a copy to read unfortunately.
> M0les.
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