[clug] fprobe and netflow

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Wed Jan 14 03:50:11 GMT 2009

Alright chalk this one up as one of the mysteries of life. I don't think 
I ended up changing anything in the end after going round-and-round in 
circles. I came in this morning and it's working (and I'm the only one 
with a login to this box). It's no longer complaining of missing flow 
records (ie sequence numbers being out). It's been clear(-ish) sailing 
this morning. <shrug>


jm wrote:
> There are zero errors on the ethernet interfaces and thu netflow 
> packets only exist on the loopback ( interface.
> I upgraded the hardware yesterday to something a lot beefier. The CPU 
> was sitting at 100% a lot of the time. The load now never gets above 1 
> and the only one core ever hit 100% (when the custom script runs). 
> This is handling the processing a lot better, but I'm still getting 
> these errors. At least, the hardware upgrade means that it should be 
> able to handle future loads.
> Any other thoughts? this one has me scratching my head.

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