[clug] Who's famous in the 80's and 2000's?

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The 70's belonged to Dec (well the late 70's/early 80's). The rest of the
80's belonged to Mips and Sun (yeah Pyramid, HP and others were around but
the mini-computer market belonged to Mips and SUN) .. but I'm biased as
you know Brett.

Hijacking Steve's post altogether ... what about the Australian greats
(well Australian greats)

Who knows of Brian Swire????? Australia's first computer engineer
(probably)... he maintained the SILLIAC at Sydney Uni in the 50's. He also
maintained the beer fridge in the base of one of SILLIAC's cabinets .... a
true engineer. I seem to remember (I am harking back to a paper (lost) I
wrote in 1981) that Brian was zapped by the SILLIAC (dead that is) but
that could have been a physics school myth.

Someone mentioned John Lions of UNSW. What about Piers Dick-Lauder of
Sydney Uni and the (in)famous kre at munnari.oz  ... Robert Elz of Melbourne
Uni. These two. amongst other achievements took uucp to the extreme with
ACSnet. What about the Ivanov brothers at UNSW. One of my personal
favorites was Dave Horsfall (spelling?) of the Uni of Sydney Physiology
Dept ... he did the most esoteric of things ... converted a disk file
system into a new format in-situ (the rest of us relied on dump, a new
mkfs then a modified restore). He give a paper on this (well talk really)
at one of Australia's first AUUG meetings in the early 80's - about 20
people turned up from UNSW and Sydney Uni. The venue was the Wentworth
Building at Sydney Uni. ANU hosted one a few years later ... Sydney Uni
actually paid for me to attend ... nutters.

Hey Robert (Edwards), there must be other historical members of the
Australian UNIX community you could add to. Another name that comes to
mind was Chris Rolls (spelling? again!) at Sydney Uni Chemical
Engineering. There must be others at UNSW and Uni of Melbourne ... I am
clearly Sydney Uni-centric.

> steve jenkin wrote:
>> I struck a blank for the 1980's and post 2000.
> What about Gordon Bell for the 80's?  Or would he be more from the 70's?
> The reason I suggested him is because from where I stood the 80's seemed
> to belong to DEC.
> Brett
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