[clug] January clug move?

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Jan 6 11:21:12 GMT 2009

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Steven Hanley wrote:
| On Tue, Jan 06, 2009 at 04:56:43PM +1100, Steven Hanley wrote:
|> All
|> So the January CLUG meeting would fall in the middle of LCA this year
|> (Thursday 22nd Jan). Bob and I will both be out of town at LCA and with many
|> CLUG people at LCA it sould not make a huge amount of sense to hold a
|> meeting that day even if we were here.
|> What do people think of the idea of having a clug meeting the following week
|> on Thursday 29th January?
|> Bob will still be out of town enjoying Tasmania, however I will be around
|> to open and close.
| Of course if there is no talk lined up another option is Thursday next week,
| before CLUG. Michael Still will be in town so could probably tell us about
| cool things such as shdns or you know pydns because he does not do sh
| anymore.

Sounds like a great plan, Steve.  It's just a small matter of getting someone
to give a talk.  Hopefully we can rustle up one of the other people who are
speaking at LCA to give their talk at CLUG for those who didn't make it down?
~ Or can I volunteer Tridge to give a precis of his keynote at OSDC - because
that was really cool.

Let Chris or I know if you want to give a talk!

Have fun,

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