[clug] February learner's meeting

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Tue Feb 17 22:33:29 GMT 2009

On 16/02/2009, at 18:58 , Andrew Boyd wrote:

> Donna and I have a shared Google calendar to keep up - and if  
> someone was to
> create a one-click synch with iPhone on OSX (for me) and via outlook  
> (for
> her) that would be a brilliant thing for both of us. The  
> microformats are
> there - it is just a matter of hooking them up.

Hrm... so what we need is to have a shared calendar out there that we  
can subscribe to? There are plenty of instructions detailing how to  
subscribe to Google Calendars from iCal (which can then sync to  
iPhone). I think you can do the same thing with Microsoft® OutLook™.

Now we just need a way to have many people contributing events to the  
one calendar, and we'd be set :)


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