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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Fri Feb 13 05:08:18 GMT 2009

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Nathan Rickerby wrote:
| List,
| I'm considering switching banks.  I'm told that the offerings from ANZ,
| Westpac or St George most suit our banking requirements.  Can anyone
| using these banks (or others) comment on the browser compatibility and
| usability of their Internet banking facilities.
| I'd also be interested to hear about the experiences of anyone using
| two factor authentication mechanisms online with their bank.

I use the Members Education Credit Union.  They use Reditellers that are
across most of Canberra, and they've always been helpful and friendly.  They
also have a very good Cyber Saver account that, while you can only access it
online or through phone banking, does give you a very good interest rate all
the time.

Their website is mostly plain HTML with bits of Javascript, and as such I have
been using it in Firefox for years.  The two-factor authentication is a box of
nine of icons that you have to select your chosen three in a particular order.
It too works with no problems.

Hope this helps,

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