[clug] February learner's meeting

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Fri Feb 13 00:23:59 GMT 2009

Hi Paul,

<quote who="Paul Wayper">

> The meeting this Thursday the 12th of February is going to be a 'learners'
> meeting.  Bring your questions and we'll try to answer them.  Bring your
> favourite command and we'll all learn from it.  Whether you've only seen Linux
> on other people's machines, or you're already on your third window manager
> this month, come along and we'll try to help make Linux the enjoyable,
> sensible thing that it should be.

Erk, I had to be in Sydney yesterday and only saw your email today. This is
a great idea and I'd like to help do regular ones of these :)


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